Pontotoc, Texas
Pontotoc, Texas is located in Mason County on State Highway 71.
Pontotoc was named for the town's first shop owner's hometown of Pontotoc, Mississippi in 1878.
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Pawelekville, Texas
Pawelekville, Texas, first known as Cravajal after a famous crossing point of Cibolo Creek nearby, was established to serve travelers on the newly constructed State Highway 123 in Karnes County in the early 1940s.
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Papalote, Texas
Papalote, Texas is one of the area's oldest communities and was composed of 3 nearby settlements named Steenville, Cravensville and Murdock Place that united in 1857.
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Panna Maria, Texas
Panna Maria, Texas is the oldest Polish settlement in the United States, and it was created in 1854 by 100 Polish families seeking freedom. Eight hundred men, women, and children landed at Galveston, Texas, 200 miles away, and walked, some barefoot, with everything they owned to their new home over two months.
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Otto, Texas
Otto, Texas formed in 1901 when two towns, Lonestar and Needmore, combined when the townspeople got word that railroad tracks connecting Marlin to Waco would come through town.
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