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If You Miss The Speed Trap, You Miss The Town.

Pawelekville, Texas, first known as Cravajal after a famous crossing point of Cibolo Creek nearby, was established to serve travelers on the newly constructed State Highway 123 in Karnes County in the early 1940s.

Alex Pawelek built the first business in the area in 1941, The Pawelek's Store, which was a general store and gas station. That same year Alex married Magdalen, who was also known as Dragon. Alex built their living quarters onto the general store. Soon afterward, Alex opened a frozen food locker that also provided ice blocks to the community. At the age of 31, Alex had begun running a corn sheller for local farmers, and he died in a tragic accident while running the machine.

Pawelekville's businesses all closed one by one as the elders passed away, with nobody interested in taking over their operations. Still, much of the town's land remains in the family today.

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The construction of State Highway 123 brought Pawelekville, Texas into existence. The first store, a general store and gas station, was opened by Alex Pawelek in 1941. That same year he married Magdalen, who was also known as Dragon.

Would you believe me if I told you that Dragon's was the general store and gas station that Alex Pawelek built?

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