Campo, Colorado


Welcome to Campo, Colorado

Halfway Between Springfield, CO, and Boise City, OK.

Campo, Colorado, is located in Baca County on US Highways 287 and 385. The town grew around a post office, established in 1913 by homesteaders from Kansas in a two-room dugout. After Percy Miller, the first mayor, plowed Main Street with a steam engine, businesses began to open.

Today, Campo is only one of six incorporated towns remaining in Baca County, and the town only has an area of 92 acres.

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Sights Around Campo, Colorado

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Colorado, A Welcome Sign

Colorado, A Welcome Sign

The signs aren't colorful. However, they're there to greet you to Colorado on any significant road that enters the state.

There are two main designs used on roadways, if you haven't noticed. First, there's a design with the welcome sign freely hanging from a post that isn't as common. And second, there's the design pictured here, with the welcome sign boxed in.

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