Complete Set Of Old Sad Songs Postcards

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The Story

Make someone's day by sending them a note on the back of one of these unique postcards.

Printed on uncoated 4.2"x5.5" paper, these postcards feature popular Old Sad Songs photographs and were designed for you to write on, stamp, and drop in the mail. They're perfect for any occasion and the stamps for these postcards are only 40₵!

Featured Photographs:

This complete set of 8 includes one of each postcard design with your choice of unstamped or stamped postcards.

Each set of postcards comes wrapped in kraft paper, sealed with an Old Sad Songs Photography sticker inside a FedEx envelope, and the price includes 2-Day FedEx shipping.


Postcards do not include USPS postcard postage pre-applied.


Includes USPS postcard postage pre-applied to each postcard.

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"Chris took great care when providing multiple perspectives for how my given selections would frame in the space I had available."

Dan Hoffman

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"I was surprised how fast my order came and it was all packed all nicely and definitely paid attention to detail. I even received a handwritten card thanking me for the support and the order."

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"The level of service and attention you receive is phenomenal. Highly recommend Chris and his work for a unique and memorable gift when you need to make a great impression."

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"Chris puts his best foot forward to ensure he's providing the most value to his clients. I am a photographer myself, and I have several of Chris' photographs hanging in my office."

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"I was impressed by the quality of the photos and postcards and the care with which they were packaged."

Bob Ryan

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"Old Sad Songs Photography has so many great shots to choose from. I finally whittled my options down to 4 and had them in my hand a few days later."

Jo Ho

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"The postcards I ordered were beautiful! Packaging and the handwritten thank you note were also BIG bonuses! It’s really nice getting personal touches like that from a small business!"

Danielle Slonka

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"The process was seamless... there were a LOT of great images to choose from on the site, and once I picked the two I wanted, they were here in no time and shortly thereafter on my wall."

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"Old Sad Songs Photography makes my heart skip and explode and repeat the same process all over again and I'll never stop buying to share that same explosive feeling with my loved ones when unveiling their surprise!"

Natalie Medrano

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