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The Site Of A Rare Pin-connected Truss Bridge.

Waldrip, Texas is located in McCulloch County on County Road 322. When McCulloch County was organized in 1876, it happened on Anderson Waldrip's ranch. Anderson Waldrip also served as one of the first county commissioners.

The community of Waldrip opened a post office in 1879, and by 1884 had established a church and a school. In the 1890s, cotton farmers came to the area, and the population peaked at 264. Unfortunately, the post office closed sometime around the Great Depression.



Sights Around Waldrip, Texas

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Waldrip Bridge

Waldrip Bridge

Waldrip, Texas had a post office from 1879 until 1954. Much of what remains, today, of the settlement is the Waldrip Bridge.

The bridge's structure is unique because it combines two bridges partially destroyed by the same flood during 1936. The approach spans are from a bridge built in Waldrip in 1911. The main span is from a bridge built in Milburn, Texas in 1893 that had its approach spans washed out.

Because of this bridge's unique history, the Waldrip Bridge is one of the few pin-connected truss bridges that remain today.

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