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By Sea, Land, And Air We Prosper.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is the 3rd largest city in Canada and Canada's most dense city. Vancouver is an ethnically diverse city where it is believed that 52% of the population is composed of non-native English speakers. Vancouver is also considered one of the top 5 cities worldwide regarding livability and quality of life.

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Trans Am Totem

Trans Am Totem

Created by sculptor Marcus Bowcott, Trans Am Totem, in Vancouver, British Columbia, consists of a Pontiac Trans Am, a BMW 7 Series, a Honda Civic, a Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Cabriolet, and a Mercedes-Benz stacked on top of the stump of an old-growth cedar tree.

Trans Am Totem was only supposed to be on display at its current location for two years, but the sculpture's size made relocating it difficult. However, a philanthropic donation of $250k enabled Trans Am Totem to remain until The City eventually removes the nearby Georgia Viaduct.

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