Blanco, Texas
Blanco, Texas is located in Blanco County on US Highway 281, where the Blanco River crosses and is one of the few Texas places with a courthouse despite it not being the county seat.
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Bebe, Texas
Bebe, Texas, located in Gonzales County on Texas Highway 97, was initially called Stroman, the surname of a co-owner of the general store. However, when opening a post office in 1900, Stroman was unavailable, and a new name was required. The name Bebe, inspired by a famous baking powder company called B.B., was the first thing that came to mind.
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Baby Head, Texas
Baby Head, Texas is located in Llano County on State Highway 16. To the west is Baby Head Mountain, with its peak 250 feet above the townsite. To the east is Baby Head Creek. A Cemetery is the most prominent remains of a ghost town with a controversial founding story that only had a post office from 1879 to 1918.
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