Blanco, Texas


Welcome to Blanco, Texas

The Lavender Capital of Texas.

Blanco, Texas is located in Blanco County on US Highway 281, where the Blanco River crosses. Blanco was the county seat from the county's inception in 1858 until 1890, when voters elected to move the county seat to Johnson City, Texas. Blanco is one of the few Texas places with a courthouse despite it not being the county seat. Today the old courthouse is a museum and an event space.

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Sights Around Blanco, Texas

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The Swingset stands outside 1 of approximately 140 remaining Hermann Sons lodges in Texas. Established as a mutual aid society for German immigrants in New York City in 1840, Hermann Sons was a massive success in Texas. The first lodge in Texas opened in 1861, and by 1920 the Texas lodges had grown larger and wealthier than the lodges elsewhere in the United States and declared themselves independent.

In 1875 it became a requirement for members to purchase life insurance, and that exact requirement exists today. Thus, you can join today by buying insurance products and skipping the ritual initiation altogether.

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Wayne Smith Dam

Wayne Smith Dam

Just over 1 mile west of Downtown Blanco, Texas, the Wayne Smith Dam provides recreation opportunities outside of Blanco State Park on the Blanco River. Wayne Smith Dam is 1 of 3 dams that the City of Blanco maintains, and Wayne Smith Dam forms Wayne Smith Lake.

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