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What's In A Name?

Stranger, Texas is located in Falls County on FM 1771. Stranger, first known as Upper Blue Ridge, was first settled in the 1840s. A post office finally opened in 1879 after the town's name changed to Stranger. However, every prior attempt failed because there was already a post office with the submitted name somewhere in Texas.

Stranger's population peaked in the mid-1880s and would slowly decline over the next century. The schools closed in the 1960s, and two churches and a cemetery are all that remain of Stranger.

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Stranger Cemetery

Stranger Cemetery

Stranger, Texas, known as Upper Blue Ridge until opening a post office, has one of the strangest naming stories I have researched.

The gist is that someone, possibly a blacksmith, was asked what they should name the town for the post office. They responded that they were new to town and it shouldn't be up to a stranger to come up with a name.
Most of what's left of Stranger are two churches and a cemetery.

Have you ever met a Stranger (someone from Stranger)?

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