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Welcome to San Antonio, Texas

Countdown City.

San Antonio, Texas is located in Bexar County at the headwaters of the San Antonio River. San Antonio has over 300 years of history, which began when the Spanish established five missions, including The Alamo, along the river in the 18th century. San Antonio was the first and oldest formal municipality in Texas, with the first charter dating back to 1731.

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It’s For You

It’s For You

There were two leading causes behind the demise of the payphone: cell phones and laws.

Even as 95% of Americans own cell phones, laws that restricted payphones in an attempt to maintain public order remain on the books. These laws tended to affect minorities disproportionately and were motivated by fears of illegal activities. Many places built after these laws were in place were not able to install payphones.

There are still an estimated 100,000 payphones in the US today, about a fifth of them located in New York City. So every time I see a payphone, and I have my camera on me, I have to take a picture. I spotted this one in San Antonio, Texas.

Do you know of any places close to you that have payphones?

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Texas Beers

Texas Beers

These two murals on the exterior of The Amp Room in San Antonio, Texas, quickly grabbed my attention. The murals feature two of Texas' best-known beers: Lone Star Beer and Shiner Bock Beer.

My favorite of the two murals draws its inspiration from a famous photograph by Burton Wilson where Doug Sahm is holding a can of Pearl Beer towards the camera. Amy Arts, the mural's artists, rightfully so, changed the brand to Lone Star Beer, which was a favorite of Doug's, and they even made it a tall can!

Do you have a preference between Lone Star Beer and Shiner Bock Beer? If so, which is your pick?

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