Regency, Texas


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Home of the "Swinging Bridge."

Regency, Texas is located in Mills County on the Colorado River on Mills County Road 433. Known initially as Hanna Valley, the town was first settled in 1854 and was subject to Comanche attacks until the 1870s. Vigilante justice against cattle rustlers followed and lasted until an intervention by the Texas Rangers in 1896. Today, Regency is home to no businesses, fewer than 50 residents, and Texas' last remaining suspension bridge open to traffic.

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Regency Suspension Bridge

Regency Suspension Bridge

The Regency Suspension Bridge is Located in Regency, Texas, and connects two gravel roads, Mills County Road 433 and San Saba County Road 137, crossing the Colorado River. Built in 1939, the bridge spans 340 feet tower-to-tower and has a 16-foot wooden deck with no guardrails.

The Regency Suspension Bridge is the last suspension bridge in Texas open to traffic, and it is approximately 23 miles away from the nearest major town.

Would you drive 23 miles out of the way to see why the locals call this bridge the "Swinging Bridge"?

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