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The Population Peaked at 27 in 1896.

Nix, Texas is located in Lampasas County on FM 580. The Fort Phantom Hill Road, established in the 1850s, ran right through what would later become Nix sometime in the 1860s. Harvey Wallace opened a general store in 1875, and his wife Elizabeth Wallace became the town's first postmaster in 1883. By the 1890s, Nix had a blacksmith, general store, post office, school, two mills, two gins, and two churches.

The post office closed in 1906, but the Nix Store, established by the Wallaces, still stands today and is much of what remains of the settlement.

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Nix Store

Nix Store

Built in 1875 by Harvey Wallace, the Nix Store in Nix, Texas also became the post office in 1883, and Harvey's wife Elizabeth was the first postmaster. Unfortunately, the post office closed in 1906 after the town's population started to decline.

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