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Larger Than Neighboring Towns Despite Having No Businesses.

Muldoon, Texas is located in Fayette County on FM 154. Muldoon was named for Father Michael Muldoon, the only non-Hispanic member of the Monterrey, Mexico Diocese, assigned to Stephen F. Austin's colony. Father Muldoon was very pro-Texan and had bought the land the town sits on before back in 1831. However, sometime after 1842, Father Muldoon disappeared. Thomas Borden surveyed the 48,000 acres that Father Muldoon owned after Gail Borden, famous for inventing condensed milk, brokered the change of ownership of the town. Throughout history, Muldoon never saw more than 200 residents at any given time.

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Losing My Religion

Losing My Religion

Missing its steeple and congregation, this church outside Muldoon, Texas isn't going anywhere even if it's in a desperate state of disrepair. The church's exterior used to be painted white, and a holy cross once topped the steeple. This church's demise is just as mysterious as the town's namesake.

Have you ever seen an old church in such poor shape?

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