Millersview, Texas


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The Only Place In The United States Named Millersview.

Millersview, Texas is located in Concho County at the intersection of FM 765 & 2134 near the West Fork of Mustang Creek is the only place named Millersview in the United States. Named for Edward D. Miller, who co-founded the settlement, Millersview established a post office in 1903 and still operates a post office today.

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In Case Of Emergency Break Glass

In Case Of Emergency Break Glass

The burglar bars don't completely cover one of the windows, and there's a bench blocking the front door of this old house, so it seems like the only way in or out is by breaking the unsecured window. In Case Of Emergency Break Glass is Located in Millersview, Texas, and Millersview, Texas is believed that this is the only place in the United States named Millersview.

Are you surprised that Millersview wasn't a popular settlement name?

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