Marathon, Texas


Welcome to Marathon, Texas

Where The Big Bend And Dark Skies Meet.

Marathon, Texas is located in Brewster County on the Southern Pacific Railroad at the junction of US Highways 90 and 385. Marathon was founded when the southern transcontinental railroad was built in 1882. Marathon quickly became a shipping and supply point for the area, and by 1884 the town had four livestock breeders, one sheep breeder, and one saloon, with its main products being livestock, wool, and large game animals.

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Tiny Target

Tiny Target

Sometime in 2016, the iconic signage resembling the big box store Target was placed on a derelict building between the old highway and the train tracks close to the halfway point between Marathon, Texas and Alpine, Texas. There is little known about Tiny Target's creators and their intentions with this unique creation; however, more is known about its demise. In December 2020, the Brewster County Sheriff confirmed that the landowners had leveled and then demolished the remains of Tiny Target out of safety concerns.

If you were fortunate enough to have visited Tiny Target, did you find it particularly dangerous to visit?

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