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One Of Two Towns In The US Named Kosciusko.

Kosciusko, Texas is located in Wilson County at the junction of FM 541 and 1347. Established in 1890 by Polish settlers, Kosciusko became a supply point for immigrants brought to the area by the railroad. The town was named to honor the Polish hero of the American Revolution, General Thaddeus Kosciusko. A post office operated from 1906 to 1920.

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Sights Around Kosciusco, Texas

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Dworaczyk Meat Market

Dworaczyk Meat Market

Dworaczyk Meat Market and Bar in Kosciusko, Texas closed after Stanley Dworaczyk, who never married, passed away in 2014 at 94 years old.
Some people believe that Kosciusko is where the legend of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre began and that the Dworaczyk Meat Market played a part in the story.

Have you ever heard the urban legend of Kosciusko, Texas?

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