Guy, New Mexico


Welcome to Guy, New Mexico

Still On Some Maps, However Lost To Time.

Guy, New Mexico, is located in Union County on State Highway 370, approximately 37 miles northwest of Clayton. Very little of Guy remains today, and the highway never was paved.

There once was a post office inside the grocery store, and the town was headquarters to the Colorado/Arizona Sheep Co., which utilized Guy as a banking and shipping point.

Guy Cemetery, also known as Pleasant Hill Cemetery, only has 13 tombstones. The last burial in the cemetery took place in 1944, and the post office closed the following year, in 1945.

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Sights Around Guy, New Mexico

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Nearby Guy, New Mexico

Nearby Guy, New Mexico

This farmhouse is one of the few remaining around Guy, New Mexico.

Guy is one of several communities in Union County abandoned and lost to time, and the town's location isn't far from where the Cimarron Route of the Santa Fe Trail extended through the area.

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