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The Town Didn't Survive The Great Depression.

Gold, Texas is located in Gillespie County on North Grape Creek. Gold was established in 1869 by the widows and sons of brothers Jacob and Peter Gold, who died of cholera after arriving in Texas in 1852. The Gold family owned most of the community's land, along with the general store and cotton gin. A post office opened in 1908 but closed in 1931. In addition to the post office, Gold once had a blacksmith shop, cotton gin, dance hall, general store, and a filling station.

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The Rheingold School Teacherage

The Rheingold School Teacherage

The Rheingold School is all that's left of Gold, Texas, a town that dates back to the 1850s. The Rheingold School sits on two acres that the town's namesake family donated.

The first schoolhouse at this site was a log cabin built around 1873. After a new schoolhouse opened next door in 1881, a wood frame structure was added to the original log cabin schoolhouse doubling its size and creating a new teacherage. Limestone was added to the teacherage in the 1920s, giving it the appearance it has today.

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