Frelsburg, Texas


Welcome to Frelsburg, Texas

Home To One Of The Oldest Operating General Stores In Texas.

Frelsburg, Texas is located in Colorado County at the intersection of FM 109 & FM 1291. Frelsburg was founded in 1837 by Captain William Frels, who served in Texas' Revolutionary Army. The new town quickly became a hotspot for German immigrants, like Frels, and both the economy and the many small farms in the area mimicked what you'd see in Germany.

Unfortunately, when built, the railroads had bypassed Frelsburg, one to the south and the other to the north, thus sealing the town's fate as the railroads became the lifeblood of communities.

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Sights Around Frelsburg, Texas

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Tractor Parking

Tractor Parking

I spotted this old service center behind one of the oldest operating general stores in Texas to this day, Heinsohn's General Store in Frelsburg, Texas, which has been open to the public since 1865.

Can you image all the cool classic cars that used to stop here?

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