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Florence High School Runs A Full-Service Meat Market.

Florence, Texas, in northwestern Williamson County on State Highway 195, originally was known as Brooksville until a post office opened. The town was named Florence for one of two reasons, and no one knows which for sure. The first postmaster's hometown was Florence, Alabama, and the daughter of the town's first merchant was named Florence.

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Brewster & Main

Brewster & Main

Florence, Texas isn't a ghost town, and it's actually growing. That's primarily due to being located 34 miles north of Austin, Texas.

Originally called Brooksville, the town changed its name to Florence to open a post office in 1857. By the mid-1890s, Florence had numerous retail stores, mills, churches, schools, lodges, hotels, doctors, photographers, a stone quarry, a bank, a cheese factory, a college, and five newspapers.

The Great Depression nearly killed the town, but Florence managed to hold on and start to benefit from its proximity to the Capital more recently.

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