Cuero, Texas


Welcome to Cuero, Texas

Home Of Turkeyfest.

Cuero, Texas is located in Dewitt County at the convergence of US Highways 77A, 87, and 183.

Cuero is named after a nearby creek that the Spanish called Arroyo del Cuero in reference to the indigenous practice of culling wild cattle that would get stuck in the mud of the creekbed. Translated, Arroyo del Cuero means Creek of the Rawhide. Cuero rose to prominence as a midway point between the port of Indianola, Texas, and San Antonio, Texas, when the Gulf, Western Texas, and Pacific Railroad came through in 1873.

In 1876, Cuero replaced Clinton as the county seat and accelerated Clinton's decline. Also, nearby Indianola, Texas' port had rivaled New Orleans, Louisiana's until a hurricane decimated the town in 1886 and forced everyone to move inland to Cuero.

Cuero began as a stopping point on the Chisolm Trail and today remains a small agricultural town that is one of the top turkey producers and shippers in Texas. Cuero claims to be the turkey capital of the world.

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Sights Around Cuero, Texas

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Coca-Cola City Hall

Coca-Cola City Hall

Sometime in the past decade, City Hall moved from across the street into this building. After removing the old signage on the building, it revealed this Coca-Cola.

Have you ever seen a Coca-Cola sign on a City Hall building?

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