Columbus, Texas


Welcome to Columbus, Texas

A City Of Live Oaks And Live Folks.

Columbus, Texas is located in Colorado County along the Colorado River at the junction of Interstate Highway 10 and State Highway 71. Columbus began life as a river crossing in 1821 and was named Columbus by someone who moved from Columbus, Ohio. Stephen F. Austin had initially planned on making Columbus the headquarters site for his settlement, and he even had laid out the townsite. Still, ultimately he chose to locate it along the Brazos River at what is known today San Felipe, Texas.

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Sights Around Columbus, Texas

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Oaks Theatre

Oaks Theatre

Different reports of the Oaks Theatre's opening in Columbus, Texas reported conflicting details about when it opened and how many people the theatre sat. The opening date varies by a decade and the capacity by over two hundred!

A newspaper advertisement about The Oak's alleged Grand Opening showed that The Marx Brothers' "Night in the Casablanca" was playing.
What is certain is that the Oaks Theatre showed its last movie in 1996. After that, The Columbus Opry Co. took over and started putting on Country & Western shows every Saturday night until July 2006. Since then, The Oaks has been waiting for its next performance.

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