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Previous Names Include Whiteside's Prairie and Cockrill's Hill.

Cistern, Texas is located in Fayette County on State Highway 95. Cistern got its name because, as legend has it, the townspeople went to the large cistern at the mercantile so often that if you were to ask anyone where they were going, the most common response was, "to the cistern." That was because the water from the wells had a high mineral and sulfur concentration, so rainwater had to be collected for drinking.

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School's Out For Summer

School's Out For Summer

The Schoolhouse in Cistern, Texas was built in 1941 using wood from the original building from 1920. In 2005 the old schoolhouse was updated with historically correct repairs and turned into a bar named the Cistern School House Bar. The old Cistern School Bus remains out front and reminds us that, "School's out for summer, School's out forever."

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